Better Health and More Energy

Health EnergyGood health and energy are a foundational basis for most everything that’s worthwhile in life. Yet how often do we take our body’s health for granted and do things that diminish and deplete our energy?

What are the consequences of continuing down this path and what kind of life is that to lead?

Better Health starts with avoiding nutritional deficiencies that drain your energy and leave your body vulnerable to diseases, and optimizing your intake of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and many other compounds that are vital for good health and vibrant energy.

When the food you eat is lacking in these health nutrients you’ll initially just feel tired and rundown. Over time though, things can start to go more seriously wrong in your body. Read more »

The Many Pumpkin Seeds Benefits for Men

Pumpkin seeds offer a broad range of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, protein and fiber that makes them a particularly healthy snack or recipe addition for anyone. There are, however, some specific pumpkin seed benefits for men, involving DHT, hair loss and prostate enlargement. Read more »

Cod Liver Oil Dosage and Recommended Intake

If you get a lot of sunlight exposure for vitamin D or are already taking high doses of vitamin A, you may want to limit your use of cod liver oil, as it is relatively high in these nutrients. In cases like these, a good fish oil will be a better choice as it contains the important omega-3s EPA and DHA, without the vitamin D and vitamin A. Read more »

Where to Buy Cod Liver Oil Online

Most people who have never taken it before will feel an improvement in their health and energy from starting on a good cod liver oil. This article lists the best places I’ve found to buy cod liver oil online for both good quality and a low price. Read more »

6 Powerful Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a true superfood with an expansive list of health benefits. In recent years, researchers have conducted many studies on the beneficial effects of both cod liver oil itself and its omega-3s, on various ailments and diseases.

Alongside the scientific studies, there are also a huge number of reports of cod liver oil having a positive influence on a variety of health issues. Let’s have a look why. Read more »

Cod Liver Oil Controversy

Both vitamin A and vitamin D are very important in our diet. They are fat soluble vitamins and work together in many ways in our bodies. In particular in their roles as precursors to the hormones that regulate the expression of our genes and in maintaining a healthy immune system. Read more »

What are the Best Foods for Vitamin A?

Vitamin A can usually be synthesized in the body from nutrients known as carotenoids found in certain vegetables and fruits. If you can get enough of them, this should be a healthy way to increase your intake of vitamin A, especially since carotenoids have other health benefits, like their antioxidant properties. This is very important for vegetarians and especially vegans. Read more »

How Much Vitamin A Is Too Much?

Vitamin A is a very important nutrient for healthy skin and eyes, immunity and good general health but just how much vitamin A is too much and can an overdose be toxic? Read more »

How Much Vitamin A Do We Need?

Vitamin A is vital for healthy eyes and skin, preventing infection and strengthening our immune system and whole host of important cellular functions in our bodies. But just how much vitamin A do we need to prevent deficiency? Read more »

The Many Health Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, eyes and vision, protection from infection, strong immune system function and a whole host of growth and general maintenance processes in the body. Many important cellular interactions that contribute to keeping us alive and healthy each day rely on Vitamin A. Read more »

Pumpkin Seed Oil Dosage, Timing and Best Price

Pumpkin seed oil is a deep green oil, rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and other heath nutrients. This article looks at the best dosage, when to take it for the most benefit and where to get good pumpkin seed oil at a low price. Read more »

Special Broccoli and Pumpkin Soup – The Healthiest Soup Ever?

This recipe combines pumpkin, broccoli and some other very healthy vegetables into a really creamy and very tasty soup. It’s by far the nicest way I’ve found to eat broccoli and, aside from the carotenoid rich pumpkin, it also has garlic and turmeric for extra antioxidant kick; bell pepper for vitamin C; coconut oil for healthy medium chain fatty acids; and optional pumpkin seed oil for a multitude of health nutrients. Read more »

The Top 6 Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

Pumpkin seed oil is an intensely dark green oil pressed from raw or roasted pumpkin seeds with many health benefits. It has a rich and nutty flavor and is a  potent source of beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants and DHT blocking compounds such as beta-sitosterol and delta-7-sterine.

High quality pumpkin seed oil is often used as a salad dressing mixed with fresh lemon juice or a good apple cider vinegar. It can also be used to add flavor and nutrition to soups, sauces and many other recipes. It should not, however, be used as an oil for frying or in baking as high temperatures can damage its delicate structure.

Here are 6 of the top health benefits of pumpkin seed oil. Read more »