About Health and Energy Foods

About Health and EnergyHealth and Energy Foods is all about the foods and specific nutrients that give us health and energy and simple steps to better health.

Who Am I and Why Did I Create Health and Energy Foods?

Hi. Thanks for visiting my website. My name’s Jim and I created Health and Energy Foods to focus on how to become more healthy and energetic. Importantly, I am not a doctor or qualified health worker and nothing written on the site should be taken as medical advice.

If you were interested, I could share that I’m close to 40, but people regularly guest my age as under 30; that I haven’t had a day off work through sickness in many years; or that I grew up growing organic fruit and vegetables and have been interested in natural food, better health and greater energy and a ‘health researcher’ of sorts for many years.

Ultimately though, it’s not people like me who write about health and wellness; or poor overworked doctors with their mountains of pharmaceutical literature to get through between patients; or even government food and drug safety agencies that end up responsible for our health and the level of energy we have throughout the day. It always comes down to us. We are always responsible in the end.

I ended up taking that responsibility very seriously and spending a lot of time studying how to improve my own health and energy. Once I had, and seeing how many people around me seem so sick and tired, it seemed natural to want to share it.

The purpose of this website is to provide information on Energy Foods, Health Nutrients, Healthy Eating Recipes, and Simple Steps to Better Health that can make a big difference to your overall wellbeing.

While I won’t be providing any individual medical or nutritional advice – that’s a job for doctors and people with capital letters after their names – I hope to share good, easy-to-read information on improving your health, diet and general wellbeing with as many people who come looking for it.

About Health and Energy Foods

This website is a work in progress. Rather than trying to put up a basic page of summary information on as many particular foods or health nutrients as possible as quickly as possible, I’d rather take my time and cover specific energy foods and nutrients I’m interested in more deeply. I don’t post every day, or sometimes even every week, but I do hope that what I do share is detailed and specific enough to be helpful and relatively unique.

There is a lot of work that goes into the pages of this website. Ultimately, I’d like to leave my day job and spend more time on this and other health and lifestyle related websites. With that in mind, around this site you’ll see some affiliate links, like this one to the company that hosts this website – Geek Storage (I guess I am a health geek of sorts so the name is appropriate).

Healthy EnergyImportantly, within the pages of this site, I will only link to products I believe to be of high-quality and appropriate to the topic at hand. I know that anyone looking into health this deeply will be likely to already know a lot about health products and supplements and they will only be interested in quality products at a low price. That’s what I hope to provide with the highlighted links within individual posts.

Done properly, affiliate links have the potential to be a win/win/win situation. A person visiting a website and interested in a particular topic has a link to the best examples the website owner could find, at the lowest prices, perhaps saving them hours of searching themselves.

The website owner receives a small commission should anyone end up buying the item they’re linking to. This seems a far less intrusive way to be rewarded for their work than smothering the website in ads, particularly pop-ups, flashing banners or blocks of ads within the text people are trying to read. This would also have to be a far better experience for the website visitor.

Finally, the company that the website is linking to has a relevant and effective way to promote their product without resorting to annoying pop-up or flashing ads. Rather than costing extra money, a good affiliate program will usually save a business on advertising costs and their prices often come down accordingly.

Some companies like iHerb even offer a $5 discount for the first time a new customer makes an order through an affiliate link, like the ones on this site. They also then give the customer their own affiliate link to share with friends and family. If those friends then subsequently visit iHerb, they too can receive the five dollar discount and a small percentage of anything that they buy goes back to the friend who referred them. The amounts aren’t large, but they can add up over time. This page on the iHerb website explains the whole process in more detail.

All affiliate links on Health and Energy Foods are to products I believe to be of both high quality and good value. Occasionally, websites like Amazon change their webpages unexpectedly and the link no longer works. I try and check for these, but if you do come across a link that doesn’t work, I’d really appreciate a quick e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page to let me know.

Another thing I’d be very thankful to be told about, is any spelling mistakes or out of place words you may come across when reading. Being far from the world’s best typist, I use a program called Dragon Naturally Speaking that types for you as you speak. It’s much faster than I could ever type, but occasionally my pronunciation might be a little off and the wrong word goes in the wrong place and is missed with a proof read. The new version 11 is said to be far more accurate than the version I have, so I probably need to upgrade. Until then, a quick e-mail if you see anything out of place would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re visiting for the first time, the category pages are probably a good place to start. They are Energy Foods, Health Nutrients, Top Superfoods, Healthy Eating Recipes and Better Health. There are also tags and a search bar on the right. Please feel free to subscribe to the Feedburner feed to keep up to date with the newest posts.

If you have a specific topic you’re interested in (maybe I’ll do an article on it), or question about the site, please use the contact form or leave a comment. Wishing everyone reading this more health and energy in future.


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