Where to Buy Cod Liver Oil Online

Best Cod Liver Oil Most people who have never taken it before will feel an improvement in their health and energy from starting on a good cod liver oil. This article lists the best places I’ve found to buy cod liver oil online for both good quality and a low price.

Carlsons Cod Liver Oil

Carlsons cod liver oil is the cod liver oil I use personally. I decided on it due the quality of the extraction process and the sheer weight of positive feedback people have given about this product online.

Carlsons is available at Amazon at a low price in both orange and lemon flavored liquid. There are two sizes – the regular 250ml bottles and the slightly better value 500ml large bottles. The natural lemon flavored cod liver oil actually tastes quite nice, with no fishiness at all. I think the liquid is generally better value, but some people do prefer capsules and it may be easier to get a more precise dose.

If you prefer capsules, there is the Carlsons Super 1000mg softgels, which work out at around 4 cents each. Or, for those concerned about having too much vitamin A compared to vitamin D, there is the Carlsons Low A cod liver oil softgels, which have a vitamin A to Vitamin D ratio of around 2 to 1. You’d probably want to take several of these at a time, but they would be good for someone who wants to increase their vitamin D and omega-3 intake without too much vitamin A.

Other Cod Liver Oil Brands

Amazon also have the Sonne’s brand that sell their Old Fashioned cod liver oil. This unflavored oil is one of the only cod liver oils available that is sourced without the use of chemicals or heat and left as close as possible to it’s natural state.

Another highly rated natural cod liver oil is Garden of Life’s Olde World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil in mint flavored liquid and capsules.

Have you found any other good places to buy cod liver oil online or any other good brands that you’ve tried. I’d be interested to hear your opinion on what you think is the best cold liver oil. 

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