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Healthiest Foods is all about the foods and specific nutrients that give us health and energy and simple steps to better health.

Who Am I and Why Did I Create Healthiest Foods?

Hi. Thanks for visiting my website. My name’s Jim and I created Healthiest Foods to focus on how to become more healthy and energetic. Importantly, I am not a doctor or qualified health worker and nothing written on the site should be taken as medical advice.

If you were interested, I could share that I’m well over 40, but people regularly guest my age as early 30s; that I haven’t had a day off work through sickness in many years; or that I grew up growing organic fruit and vegetables and have been interested in natural food, better health and greater energy and a ‘health researcher’ of sorts for many years.

Ultimately though, it’s not people like me who write about health and wellness; or poor overworked doctors with their mountains of pharmaceutical literature to get through between patients; or even government food and drug safety agencies that end up responsible for our health and the level of energy we have throughout the day.

It always comes down to us. We are always responsible in the end.

I ended up taking that responsibility very seriously and spending a lot of time studying how to improve my own health and energy.

Once I had, and seeing how many people around me seem so sick and tired, it seemed natural to want to share it.

The purpose of this website is to provide information on Energy Foods, Healthy Eating Recipes, and Simple Steps to Better Health that can make a big difference to your overall well-being.

While I won’t be providing any individual medical or nutritional advice – that’s a job for doctors and people with capital letters after their names – I hope to share good, easy-to-read information on improving your health, diet and general wellness with as many people who come looking for it.

If you have a specific topic you’re interested in (maybe I’ll do an article on it), or question about the site, please use the contact form or leave a comment. Wishing everyone reading this more health and energy in future.



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