Fennel Tea as a Weight Loss Aid

Fennel seeds for excess belly fat

There are four ways that drinking fennel tea can help you lose weight — minimizing water retention, improving digestion, lowering blood sugar and reducing hunger.

The first of these, flushing out excess fluids your body is retaining, can work quite quickly, while the others will take time and require regular use but will also provide more long term benefits.

4 Ways Fennel Seed Tea Helps You Lose Weight

1. Herbal Diuretic

Fennel seeds are considered a diuretic, which means they help your body increase its production of waste fluids. When your body is retaining extra water it can make you look heavy and bloated.

Fennel tea is especially recommended for women with water retention due to menstruation and can even help reduce belly cramping during painful periods.

2. Improving Digestion

As covered earlier, drinking fennel seed tea can improve digestive function and elimination. With better nutrient absorption your body tends to have fewer cravings for sugary food. Preventing constipation is also highly beneficial for weight loss.

As an added benefit, fennel tea is known to help prevent acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion and other symptoms of GERD due to it’s calmative properties. For best results drink it just before a meal that you think may give you acid reflux or indigestion.

3. Lowering Blood Sugar

Several animal studies have shown that the essential oil of Foeniculum vulgare (fennel oil) helped to significantly lower blood sugar. In high doses, the oils in fennel seeds were even shown in research to have an anti-diabetic effect.

In fact, fennel tea and chewing on the seeds is often recommended for people with diabetes to regulate their blood glucose levels. Talk to your doctor first if you are diabetic but know that anything that helps regulate high blood sugar can also be beneficial for losing weight.

4. Reducing Hunger

Controlling your appetite, particularly for sugary foods, is an important factor in lowering body fat and preventing obesity. Even here drinking fennel tea regularly can help you reach your ideal weight.

This study showed drinking fennel seed tea helped overweight women with appetite control and improved satiety. The researchers identified the volatile oil anethole in fennel seeds as the likely cause of this beneficial effect.

By flushing away water retention, improving digestive function, moderating blood sugar and reducing hunger, fennel tea does appear to be a multifaceted natural aid to weight loss.

If you’d like to try it for yourself I’d highly recommend using this medicinal strength Heather’s Tummy Tea I have in my kitchen. It tastes great and is particularly high in volatile oils like anethole identified as having digestion and weight loss benefits

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