Mucuna Pruriens Benefits for Testosterone, Mood Enhancement and Better Sleep

Velvet bean Mucuna pruriens is one of the more potent mood enhancing and libido stimulating superfoods available, with noticeable benefits and a long list of uses.

This powerful herb can have a direct influence on your brain’s neurotransmitters and potentially have beneficial effects on your mental state, energy levels, ability to relax and even body composition and testosterone levels.

Mucuna isn’t for everyone though and it’s important to read the dosage information and potential precautions before taking it.

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6 Gymnema Sylvestre Benefits for Weight Loss

Gurmar teaScience, medicine and politics are all failing to come to grips with the ever rising number of people with metabolic syndrome in America and around the world.

Using the herb gymnema sylvestre may help as a natural treatment for elevated blood glucose, though it’s important to discuss this with your doctor first.

Taking gymnema regularly, with its active ingredient gymnemic acid, could assist in preventing those at risk from developing metabolic syndrome as well.

This herb is also an effective way to control sugar cravings, block glucose absorption and help you lose weight by having less simple carbohydrate calories in your diet.

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How to Make Healthier Salads in 4 Simple Steps

Better SaladsSalads can make for a healthy lunch or light, yet nutritious dinner. The key to making a great salad is to move beyond the old iceberg lettuce, tomato and olive oil combination and get more adventurous with stronger tasting greens like arugula and more interesting ingredients.

Here’s a simple formula to create delicious tasting and healthier salads that are also extremely good for you.

How to Make Healthy and Delicious Salads

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Fennel Tea as a Weight Loss Aid

Fennel seeds for excess belly fat

There are four ways that drinking fennel tea can help you lose weight — minimizing water retention, improving digestion, lowering blood sugar and reducing hunger.

The first of these, flushing out excess fluids your body is retaining, can work quite quickly, while the others will take time and require regular use but will also provide more long term benefits.

4 Ways Fennel Seed Tea Helps You Lose Weight

1. Herbal Diuretic

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Banana Cacao Mucuna Pre-Workout Smoothie Recipe

Chocolate Shake with BananaThis energizing smoothie is made with banana and cacao powder for a rich tasting chocolate banana flavor.

With the addition of cinnamon, mucuna, whey protein and coconut oil, it provides an energy boost before weight training or other activities where you need a lot of fuel for your body.

Why the Ingredients in This Smoothie are Great Before a Workout


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Pumpkin Seeds for Acne and Better Skin Nutrition

Pepitas health benefitsRaw pumpkin seeds are a particularly beneficial food to include in your diet for acne reduction and better looking skin.

As well as improving your appearance, here’s how eating pumpkin seeds regularly can also help treat arthritis symptoms, prevent kidney stones, reduce LDL cholesterol levels and much more.

Pumpkin Seeds for Treating Acne and for Better Skin

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Where to Buy Avocado Oil: Organic, Bulk, USA Grown & Best Value

oil of AvocadosAvocado oil a healthy and heat stable cooking oil with a very high smoke point of 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is superior to olive oil, both for high temperature cooking and nutritionally.

Rich in monounsaturated fats, phytosterols such as beta-sitosterol and antioxidants like vitamin E, lutein and alpha and beta-carotene.

Here’s where to find the best value, USA grown, bulk and organic avocado oils online in 2020.

Best Organic Avocado Oil

I use and enjoy these delicious extra virgin Avohaus oils on salads, over steamed vegetables and as my primary cooking oil.

They are cold pressed, unrefined and have a rich buttery flavor and thick texture that’s great for frying with.

The California range are organic and the New Zealand and Kenyan oils are all certified non-GMO.

Avohaus also have garlic, lime and chili infused oils and it’s hard to go wrong with any of the range in this highly recommended brand from a local Californian company.

Low Cost Californian Oil

Made from non-GMO avocado fruit grown in southern California, this deep green Bella Vado oil is cold pressed, unrefined, unfiltered and great value.

Extra virgin avocado oil like this isn’t just for your kitchen. You can also use it in your bathroom as a homemade hair growth treatment and as a skin moisturizer.

Where to Buy Avocado Oil in Bulk

When you switch to healthy avocado oil as your main cooking oil, it makes sense to stock up on it for the best value.

Good cheap bulk buying options include these 2 and 4 packs of extra large oils made by Baja Precious from Mexican Hass avocados and bottled in California.

While expeller pressed and hexane free, this oil would be much better for high temperature cooking than for salads or beauty treatments

The French company La Tourangelle also make a popular discount avocado oil. There’s 3 packs available here at Amazon at a very low price if you’d like to have extra kitchen oils on hand.

Best Bulk Organic Option

If you want to stock up on high quality organic avocado oil for the savings, this 6 pack of premium Avohass is first cold press, extra virgin, unrefined, certified USDA organic and produced and bottled in California.

Dividing the cost by 6 makes these culinary oils very affordable. You won’t find a better organic avocado oil at this price point anywhere.

Cheap Avocado Oils

Most of the cheaper avocado oil brands come in clear plastic bottles or have terrible customer reviews and are not recommended.

La Tourangelle do have a 8.45 Fl Oz starter size here that usually sells for under $10.

Though as you go up on that listing to the 16.9 Fl Oz and big 25.4 Fl Oz bottles, and especially the huge 128 Fl Oz avocado oil, the value increases significantly.

If you make the switch to buying avocado oil as your primary kitchen oil it’s well worth going for bulk options to make significant savings.Organic avocados used in cold pressed oil

3 Things to Look for When Buying Avocado Oil

There are 3 important things to look for with a high quality avocado oil:

1. Choose Cold Pressed

The first important factor is for the oil to be derived from cold pressing and without heat or chemicals.

Similar to the process that creates extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed avocado oil is produced by mechanical extraction, rather than solvents. This leads to very low acidity levels and little chance of contaminants.

2. Unrefined and Organic

While avocados are not considered a fruit that has a problem with excessive pesticide levels, an oil made from organically grown crops is preferable.

A deep green color can be a good indicator of an avocado oil rich in nutrients. The color comes primarily from chlorophyll pigments, but its presence indicates minimal processing.

The less processing an oil has undergone, the more antioxidants like vitamin E, lutein and alpha and beta-carotene are likely to be present in the oil you use in your kitchen.Organic extra virgin unrefined and cold-pressed avocado oil

3. Comes in a Dark Bottle

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell the color of an avocado oil until you use it for the first time. This is because most oils will come in a dark bottle for protection from sunlight.

Avoid buying any avocado oil brand that doesn’t come in a dark bottle.

Cheap avocado oil sold in clear plastic bottles is usually highly refined and not worth your money.

Even bottled in dark glass, it is best to store avocado oil in a cupboard due to its sensitivity to light. If this isn’t possible then away from direct sunlight at all times.

Are Cheap Vegetable Oils Worth the Price?

Over-consumption of inflammatory vegetable oils is implicated in research studies in many serious health conditions, as well as poor skin tone and dry and brittle hair.

Buying heart-healthy avocado oil and using it in your cooking is a simple way to improve the quality of important fatty acids you consume in your diet.

While organic cold-pressed avocado oil is a bit more than cheap, solvent processed vegetable oils, its extensive benefits, high smoke point for cooking and rich, buttery taste, makes it well worth it when you value what you put into your body.

Avocado Oil for Frying and the Smoke Point of Oils

Cooking with Avocado Oil Avocado oil is a very heat stable cooking oil and one of the best for high-temperature frying in your kitchen.

It also tastes great and is full of beneficial monounsaturated fats and other nutrition.

Here’s why it’s worth changing from unhealthy processed oils, like soy, corn and canola oil, and even the healthier ones like olive oil, to frying with avocado oil.

The Smoke Point of Oils and How It Affects Your Health

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Avocado Oil Vs Olive Oil for Healthy Cooking

Superior avocado oil for kitchenIs avocado oil better than olive oil in your kitchen and should you even be frying with extra virgin olive oil or can this be harmful?

This article looks at the key differences between olive oil and avocado oil and just what makes the later superior for healthy cooking.

What is Avocado Oil?

Like olive oil, avocado oil is one of the few cooking oils extracted directly from the fruit, rather than chemically extracted from seeds.

Avocado contains around 30% oil and it is cold pressed out of the fruit pulp in a similar way to the method used to produce extra virgin olive oil.

Avocado oil is a very healthy cooking oil, with a beneficial fatty acid profile, good levels of antioxidants and many other nutritional compounds. It also has a high smoke point that makes it great for frying with. Continue Reading…

Best Californian Avocado Oil Brand for Your Kitchen

High quality avocado oilAvocado oil is growing in popularity as more and more people recognize its value as a superior cooking oil.

Cold pressed avocado oil also has many beneficial properties for improving your appearance, losing weight, disease prevention and long-term optimal health.

I’ve written before about why avocado oil’s high smoke point makes it the best oil for high temperature frying.

There’s also numerous reasons why the vegetable oils in most people’s kitchens are unhealthy and why a good avocado oil is the ideal replacement.

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3 Avocado Oil Hair Treatments For Stronger and Shinier Hair

Hair Treatments using Avocado Oil Here are 3 simple and effective avocado oil treatments for your hair. They can quickly improve its softness, shine and even strength and thickness over time.

There is no need to buy expensive commercial conditioning treatments when these are so easy to make at home, all from ingredients straight out of the kitchen.

Let’s have a look at 3 easy and natural ways to improve your hair tonight with avocado oil.

1. Avocado Hot Oil Treatment

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