Where to Buy Raw Pumpkin Seeds Online

Pepitas BuyThere are several factors to consider when looking at where to buy pumpkin seeds. Raw pumpkin seeds contain the most nutrition but where and how they are grown is also important.

Whether you to find American grown organic pumpkin seeds, special extra large Styrian seeds, bulk raw pepitas, or even sprouted pumpkin seeds, this page has the best buying options I’ve found.

Why Raw Pumpkin Seeds are Better Than Roasted

While the pumpkin seeds you can pull out of your pumpkins at home to eat have hulls, the ones you buy online will most likely be from hull-less varieties like Lady Godiva or the much prized Styrian pumpkins.

These kind of ‘naked’ pumpkin seeds are much better eaten raw, especially as they don’t have hulls to protect them from damaging heat during roasting.

Eating them raw ensures that the valuable essential fatty acids, that provide many of their beneficial effects, remain intact and undamaged.

Generally, it’s far better value to order raw pumpkin seeds in bulk online than buying them at supermarkets. The higher turnover means they’ll usually be both fresher and much cheaper.

My favorite organic pumpkin seeds are these great tasting and highly rated raw ones. They are guaranteed non-GMO, gluten free and certified USDA organic.

Pumpkin seeds keep for many months in a cool, dark cupboard, or even better in the fridge so it makes sense to get several packs while they’re on sale. You’ll usually save a lot this way and be less likely to run out.

The Benefits of Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are obviously grown inside the pumpkin and therefore not going to be directly sprayed with pesticides like a lot of produce. Still, toxic compounds and heavy metals can be absorbed from the ground they are grown in and many people prefer organic.

Aside from pesticide concerns, organic crops are usually grown in superior soils than conventional intensive farming. This higher quality of soil can lead to increased mineral and nutritional content for organic produce.

Since one of the main benefits of buying pumpkin seeds is their high magnesium, iron and zinc content, it makes sense to look for the best raw organic pumpkin seeds to buy.

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USA Grown Pumpkin Seeds

The vast majority of the cheap pumpkin seeds for sale on the market are grown in China. Even organic pepitas are primarily Chinese sourced and many people would much prefer to have their pumpkin seeds grown in America.

Finding raw pumpkin seeds that are USA grown can be difficult, but these highly rated seeds and are raw, unpasteurized and packed in a gluten and allergen free factory.

The Best Styrian Pumpkin Seeds for Sale

For connoisseurs, Wilderness Poet have these giant heirloom Styrian pumpkin seeds in a big resealable bag. Also available in smaller sizes, they are USDA certified organic, raw and guaranteed non-GMO.

While they do cost a bit more, I have to say that they taste amazing and are well worth buying if you enjoy eating the best quality pumpkin seeds.

Where to Buy Mexican Pepitas

Most low priced pumpkin seeds available at online stores like Amazon and supermarkets like Walmart come from China, which many people understandably want to avoid.

These premium grade raw pepitas sourced in Mexico, and packed allergen and gluten free in the USA, are a great value alternative with many positive reviews. They also have dry roasted options with both lightly salted and onion and garlic.

At such a low price it’s very affordable to use pumpkin seeds to add flavor and nutrition to a variety of different meals, or just snack on them by the handful. Men in particular can really benefit from all the zinc and DHT moderating compounds in pepitas.

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Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

By sprouting pumpkin seeds, you can actually increase their nutritional value, as the germinating seed is full of newly formed enzymes and nutrients. It is possible to do this at home yourself with raw seeds (roasted ones won’t work).

For convenience, and a really great flavor, Living Intentions have these organic sprouted pumpkin seeds to buy with a touch of Himalayan pink salt if you like you pumpkin seeds salted.

Unfortunately it appears the pumpkin seeds are from China and I haven’t been able to find any USA grown sprouted pumpkin seeds.

A healthy and extremely delicious alternative is this sprouted pumpkin seed butter made from USDA organic, raw and sprouted pumpkin seeds. I should warn you though, the uniquely rich taste of pumpkin seed butter can be highly addictive. These jars rarely last long at my place.

Eating More Pumpkin Seeds

I hope you now know where to find the best organic pumpkin seeds grown in the USA and enjoy eating them as much as I do.

Buying good raw pumpkin seeds in bulk like this makes sense as they are a very healthy replacement for high carb junk food snacks.

They really fill you up with all their protein and nutrition and eaten regularly they can actually help you lose weight by controlling hunger.

If you’d like to know more about just why they are so healthy, the page on pumpkin seed nutritional properties has a detailed look at all the good stuff in this little green superfood.

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