Where to Buy Pumpkin Seed Oil Online

Best pumpkin oilRich, green and delicious, pumpkin seed oil is growing in popularity, both for its unique taste and beneficial properties.

There are two main types available — the cold pressed oil, primarily used for its nutritional value, and the delicious roasted Styrian pumpkin oil, popular for culinary use.

Ahead are the best pumpkin seed oil brands to buy, both in cold pressed and organic oils, as well as gourmet Styrian kuerbiskernoel for your kitchen.

Also, where to find good pumpkin oil capsules and the newer extracts for a healthy urinary tract.

The Best Cold Pressed Oil

For daily use as a supplement for prostate problems, hair loss, skin conditions and other issues, cold pressed pumpkin oil is recommended over roasted varieties.

Flora make this highly rated, cold pressed and organic oil that preserves all the important fatty acids and nutritional elements.

After researching the many different pumpkin oil brands, this is the one I decided to use personally.

Another high quality and good value option is this new premium PÖDÖR oil. It’s made from Styrian pumpkin seeds, raw, cold pressed, unfiltered and unrefined. Customer reviews are highly positive as well.

Where to Buy Organic Pumpkin Oil at a Low Price

For the best value pumpkin seed oil I’ve found, Omega Nutrition make this great tasting organic oil at a particularly low price per dose for a larger 12 Oz bottle.

I wrote to the company to see if their product was raw and got this response back:

“Omega Nutrition Pumpkin Seed Oil is not considered raw because the seeds are minimally heated. The heat could reach a temperature of about 112 F, which is truly low and does not affect the oil composition or stability of the product. However, it does add a slightly toasted flavor which makes the pumpkin seed oil more palatable.”

I’ll include them here as this very low temperature would still preserve the important nutrients. If you are looking for a truly raw and cold pressed oil though, consider choosing one of the other two options above.

On the other hand, if you want to buy an organic pumpkin seed oil with  a ‘slightly toasted flavor’, but still retaining as many nutrients as possible, and at a very affordable price, then this may be the best option.

Superfood Caps

Recommended Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

Styrian pumpkin oil, also known as kuerbiskernoel, is made by drying and low temperature roasting the seeds from the stripy green and yellow pumpkins of this traditional region of Austria.

It takes around 30 pumpkins, each with around 300 seeds, to create just one liter of the oil. For this reason, Styrian pumpkin seed oil is not cheap to produce.

Many people believe the intense nutty flavor is well worth it though and this gourmet oil is steadily growing in popularity.

If you’d like to give it a try then I recommend this delicious 16.9 Oz Austrian made oil from real Styrian seeds. It makes for a distinctive culinary oil for your kitchen and is a great tasting way to improve your health.

Careful though. People often comment in reviews that they get addicted to the taste of real Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

Good Value Capsules

Given that this nutritional oil is sensitive to both light and heat, capsules may be a better option if you only intend to use it occasionally.

Many people also prefer the convenience of capsules and the clear and simple dosage when taking them.

Planetary Herbals offer their cold pressed and full spectrum capsules at a very good price with positive reviews for treating both prostate and bladder issues.

These 1000 mg softgels are more potent than most on the market and are cold pressed without the use of toxic solvents, often used in many other pumpkin seed oil capsule brands.

Buy pumpkin oil

Water Soluble Extract for Bladder Problems

Pumpkin seed oil is already beneficial for urinary health, but this new kind of water soluble extract has been shown to be particularly effective for incontinence in studies.

Older customers most concerned with bladder control can try daily capsules of this pumpkin seed extract specifically for urinary incontinence.

Supermarkets or Online?

While it’s possible to get both pumpkin seed oil capsules and liquid at big supermarkets like Walmart and Trader Joe’s, they don’t have the best quality. Whole Foods and smaller stores often have much higher prices as well.

Personally, I much prefer buying pumpkin seed oil online from Amazon with their extensive range, low prices, simple returns and quick turnover for freshness.

Remember, whether you choose organic pumpkin seed oil, like this one I take, Styrian kuerbiskernoel, or convenient capsules like these, take it regularly, preferably daily with a main meal, for the most noticeable benefits.

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