Where to Buy the Best Organic Flaxseed Oil Online

Unrefined linseed oilWith its extremely high omega-3 fatty acid content, flax oil is a popular health supplement. It is also one of the more fragile nutritional oils so it pays to choose your brand carefully.

Here are 3 important things to look for before you buy it and my recommendations for the best cold pressed, organic flaxseed oil, high lignan, the freshest flax meal and the best value capsules for daily use.

3 Factors to Look for When Buying Flax Oil

1. Must be Cold-Pressed

To start with, a high quality organic oil, like this great tasting one I take, should always be cold pressed. Too much heat can damage the structure of the fatty acids so the oil has to be produced carefully to avoid high temperatures.

Cold pressing is the name given to the process of mechanically separating the oil from the seed using pressure only, without the heat or chemical solvents used to extract many other common vegetable oils.

2. Organic is Best for Health

Ideally, a good flaxseed oil should also be made from organic seeds to minimize any exposure to pesticides. Many of the most harmful pesticides are fat-soluble, making organic even more important with a fatty acid product like flax oil.

Organic produce is usually grown in in better quality soils as well, which can often result in more nutrients in the end product.

3. Protect It from Light and Heat

Finally, a good oil should always come in a dark bottle to protect it from light and be as fresh as possible.

This is another reason, along with price, why online retailers like Amazon with their much higher turnover than retail health food stores, are a better place to buy flax oil from.

The Best Cold Pressed and Organic Flaxseed Oil

This highly rated Barlean’s oil I take is cold pressed, organic, unfiltered and unrefined.

It is incredibly fresh as is made to order and produced daily with the seeds protected from both light and heat during every step of extraction.

Barlean’s brand flax oil is well known for its quality, freshness and clean taste and this is best selling vegan omega-3 supplement in America for good reason.

Recommended High Lignan OilBest flaxseed to get

Another popular type of flax oil is the new high lignan versions, like this organic and cold pressed SDG lignan oil.

Lignans are special phytonutrients found in the highest concentrations in ground flax seeds. Studies show they have anti-estrogenic effects, antioxidant properties and other benefits.

You can get even more beneficial lignans into your diet by eating ground flax meal regularly, but adding them to the omega-3 rich oil gives you the best of both worlds.

Top Flax Oil Capsules

While flaxseed oil should have a pleasant taste (bitter tasting oil is likely to be rancid and should not be used), many people prefer the ease of using flax capsules rather than liquid.

Once again, the best brand is Barlean’s and I recommend these great value softgels with added lignans and 1550 mg of alpha linoleic acid per serve.

Take 1 or 2 of these low cost omega-3 supplements with each main meal for better skin, more effective weight loss and many other benefits.

Where to Buy Organic Ground Flaxseeds

Although the oil is higher in omega-3s, many people prefer ground flax meal for the balance of exceptional lignan content, dietary fiber, a range of vitamins and minerals and still being a good serving of omega-3 fatty acids.

Flaxseed meal is quite inexpensive too so, for best results, it would be well worth using both the oil and ground flax seeds regularly.

Barlean’s make this excellent cold milled and organic ground product. It’s great value and tastes great on breakfast cereals and in smoothies or over fruit and yogurt.

Flaxseed Storage

It is vital to store both the oil and ground flaxseeds in the fridge once you open them to preserve their freshness and potency. Some people even store flax meal in the freezer to minimize any chance of oxidation.

Use the oil within a month of opening it and the ground seeds ideally within 2 weeks. The capsules will last for longer, but for best results you would be using them regularly anyway.

I hope this guide on where to buy flaxseed oil and the best organic flax brands has been helpful.

With a majority of people deficient in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed is a simple supplement to take to help bring you back into balance.

Next is the ideal flaxseed oil dosage to take and whether there are any side effects of using it regularly.

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